User Services Meeting 7/1/14

Present: Bob E, Matt B, Muaz, Larry, Matt H, Eddy, Jennifer S, Ryan, Erin, Diane

Welcome Muaz! - Ahmed Muaz began working with us as Multimedia Specialist this past Monday, June 30. We are excited to have him officially on board!

Library Basement - Work has begun in the basement of the library to build a secure space to house the ImageNow documents.

Group Study Spaces - The landscape photos for the group study rooms and newly created spaces are being hung. The four new spaces on the lower floor of the library are also being outfitted with lamps and whiteboards as dividers.

Room 120 - The monies to construction Room 120 on the lower floor of the library have been secured. We are in contact with Facilities to learn when the project will commence.

Summer 2014 Faculty Roll - The upgrade of workstations for those in the division of Mathematics, Science, and Physical Education begins Monday and runs through Friday, July 25. We have received most of the equipment we ordered, though we are awaiting delivery of our Windows laptops. We are hopeful to have encryption solutions for both the Windows and the Mac workstations deployed to our faculty. More information is available at:

Standardization of Images - Larry and Matt H have been working to standardize the Windows and Mac faculty/staff images to be more similar. Details of the changes were discussed.

SPSS - Luther has a sitewide license for the SPSS statistical software and it is installed on all classroom and lab workstations on both the Windows and Mac platform. Faculty and staff who are interested in this software may contact the LIS Technology Help Desk for installation. Due to the nature of the licensing model, it will not be a part of the standard faculty/staff image going forward.

Nursing Grant - The nursing department has been awarded a grant that includes a new mannequin to be installed by CAE Healthcare. This new mannequin has the ability to be controlled to provide a more realistic experience, using a laptop and audio-visual equipment. We shared what is known about the upcoming installation.

LIS Annual Report - We discussed the placement of 2014-15 objectives for User Services within the LIS Annual Report. Content from the User Services team in terms of prior year objectives, professional development, and the team report has been added to the document.

LIS Website - The new responsive design has now launched. Ryan provided a show and tell of the new features.

Summer Classroom Updates - Bob shared updates on the status of the Main Classroom Technology Upgrades and the Olin technology moves necessary for the building re-carpeting project.