Improved Internet Service

During a maintenance window early on the morning of Tuesday, April 29th 2014 work was completed to increase the capacity of our Internet connection. We are now using a 1Gig Internet connection via the Decorah MetroNet.

The Decorah MetroNet is a collaboration between 6 non-profit organizations in Decorah including Luther College, Decorah Community Schools, Winneshiek Medical Center, The City of Decorah, Winneshiek County, and Upper Explorerland Regional Planning Commission. With grant funding and funds from each of the member organizations, the Decorah Metronet was installed connecting 18 sites in Decorah with 144 strands of Fiber Optic cable.

Among the potential collaborative opportunities that this network provides, is the opportunity for the member organizations to share a connection to the Internet. By pooling our purchasing power we are able to buy more Internet service at a lower cost. Soon a second 1Gig Internet connection will be installed to provide redundancy.
Network Upgrade