Upgrade for Wireless Network in Towers

During Spring Break we started installing wiring to support a new wireless network in Miller and Dieseth. This initial work wired and installed new access points on the second floor of Dieseth as a pilot. Encouraged by feedback we proceeded to do all the wiring outside of the rooms for all the remaining 15 floors. That work has been completed.

After consultation with Resident Life staff we decided to proceed with the in-room installation of new wireless access points on the remaining floors. The design calls for installing them in every other room. 187 new wireless access points will be installed in Miller, Dieseth and Brunsdale Lounge. That work is underway with the goal of completing most of the work prior to the end of the semester. To date, the installation is complete on Dieseth 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors and partially complete on 4th floor.

As floors are completed the new network is named LCWirelessHP. Students living in Towers are encouraged to connect to LCWirelessHP as it becomes available on their floors.
Network Upgrade