Notes from LIS Council - 4/9/14

  • LIS Operational Agenda
    • Network & Systems
      • Adam shared information about the new video server that provides the management for the new 26 camera network. He demoed the system to help us get a feel for how it works from a live feed perspective. He also showed some graphs of the network bandwidth being used. It is several times higher than anticipated and Adam did mention that some reconfiguration was required of the interfaces on the server and he will investigate when that reconfiguration is complete. The design leverages cameras that send video when an “event” occurs in the field of the camera such as a person coming into the scene. The goal is to minimize the amount recorded as well as limiting the bandwidth consumed. The training day is being rescheduled. Bob Hari has received some initial training.
      • Adam showed a spike in wireless connections for Saturday March 29 of approx. 400 additional connections. We believe this represents campus guests involved in an indoor high school track meet/volleyball tournament. This represents another data point for peak to average demand when we host events. We do not know what level of performance those users experience.
      • Adam showed a graph of wireless errors in Dieseth and Miller. More analysis is required to make sense of the information. We expect errors to go down. Error rates of 12-15% or above correlate with wireless network performance dissatisfaction.
    • User Services
      • Diane shared that we have purchase 10 Lynda licenses that are serially reassignable. Eight of 10 licenses have been requested for use. Diane has discovered and shared there is a by the class model as well, with a cost of approx. $10 per student/per month.
      • Adobe recently announced a model for the cloud based Creative Suite that moves closer to the reality of a college. However initial pricing for 60 device-tied licenses is more than twice the cost of 30 concurrent user licenses. We will acquire one creative cloud license on May 1st to experiment and develop familiarity. We can use our existing concurrent licensing model with the existing software, but this will become an issue if software updates are needed. User Services will further investigate open source options by user group to see what the requirements are and proposal models for funding for next year.
      • Diane shared licensing thoughts concerning online meeting and conference support and integration options for Katie - all from Citrix. Usage has grown and we need to accommodate larger online meetings.
      • New desk chairs have arrived for circulation.
      • White boards have arrived for use in study rooms.
      • Admitted Student Day is 4/14 and Diane reviewed or Preus open house plans.
      • A new portable podium called a presenter cart is available in Hovde.
      • Diane shared progress on a printing problem in Valders 240.  She also shared that she has developed a printer replacement proposal with two options that will make all LIS lab printers capable of duplexed printing.
      • Final presentations were shared this week by faculty who participated in the LIS and Dean’s Office co-sponsored “Enhancing Student Learning Through Information Literacy and Technology Workshop held last summer. The announcement for new applications for this summer’s workshop has been made. We encourage faculty to leverage this great collaborative opportunity.
  • New Items
    • Home Internet and Cellphone Service Reimbursement
      • Home Internet and Cellphone service reimbursement policies were discussed. More information and broader conversation is needed.
    • Baker Tilly IT Audit
      • LIS has been requested to provide information into the audit by May 2. Adam and Marcia will determine if that is doable or if another date is more appropriate.
    • Early arrival policy for students
      • An updated policy has been developed. LIS Council members need to see if there are impacts to student coverage and/or training plans.
    • Assessments
      • Andi shared that two assessments are underway this spring - the NSSE (National Survey of Student Engagement) for First Year and Senior students and the FSSE (Faculty Survey of Student Engagement). Technology module questions were added.  The Research Practices Survey will open for First Year students on April 21.
    • Inputs to Amy Wrightsman and Diane Tacke
      • Patty has recreated the paper form as a Norse Doc for LIS use. First pass input in the integrated document is due on Monday for non-controllable expense increase items and capitalizable project candidates whose value is greater than $5,000. Paul will work to negotiate an extension to the due date of 4/18 (travel and vacation next two weeks) so we can finalize our LIS lists and meet with President Tiede to negotiate his support prior to submission.
  • Returning Items
    • Security Kickoff
      • Paul and Adam have developed an initial outline for Security Project kickoff 4/28. Communication forthcoming.

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