Improvements to Wireless in Miller and Dieseth Halls

During Spring break new wireless access points were installed in half of the rooms on Dieseth 2nd floor. This installation is the first step in improving the wireless network in both Miller and Dieseth. Doing a single floor now gives us the opportunity to test and fine tune the plan before moving forward this summer with the installation of new access points on all floors of both Miller and Dieseth. In the coming weeks we'll begin preparing for the summer installation by starting to run network wires in the hallways.

During this testing phase, the new network's name is LCWirelessHP. The LCWirelessHP network already provides complete coverage on 2nd floor Dieseth. Though more coverage is still to come on the rest of the floors we expect many students who live on Dieseth 1st and 3rd floors will also experience better wireless service from the new network. We invite all who connect from Dieseth 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors to begin using the new LCWirelessHP network. Those connecting on other floors should continue to connect to LCWireless and LCWireless5G. We welcome your feedback on how the new network is working for you. Send your feedback to [email protected], and thank you for your patience as we work to improve the towers wireless network.