UPDATE: Intermittent WIFI Service Disruption

Feb. 28th 2014 10:00am: Problems were reported with the College Apartments and Prairie Houses. Service there was not fixed as i thought. I once again believe that the problems with these wireless networks are fixed

Feb. 27th 2014 6:00PM: Campus House is now back up.

Feb. 27th 2014 4:30PM: Part of the east wing of Valders was still down and not back online as I originally thought. It is now back up.

Feb. 27th 2014 1:15PM: Service has been restored to College apartments and Prairie Houses

Feb. 27th 2014 12:15PM: Service has been restored to Sampson and Valders

Feb. 27th 2014 11:15AM: Service has been restored to CFA and Koren

Feb. 27th 2014 9:45AM: The remaining buildings experiencing Wifi service disruption are CFA, Apartments, Campus House, Prairie Houses, Koren and Sampson/Valders.

Feb. 27th 2014 7:50AM: Luther College is currently experiencing intermittent wireless internet service disruption. LIS is working to resolve the issue. Any questions can be directed to the Technology Help Desk at 563-387-1000 or online at help.luther.edu