User Services Meeting 2/18/14

Present: Carsten, Matt B, Bob E, Larry, Matt H, Matt H, Eddy, Jennifer S, Jennifer R, Ryan, Diane

iPads for Student Checkout - We have 4 1st generation iPads now at circulation for in-library use by students for a 4 hour check-out period. We discussed the needs they best serve and how to spread the word regarding these iPads and their availability. We also compared their usage to the usage of Chromebooks and laptops.

Mobile iPad Cart - There is interest by a faculty member in using several of the iPads for one of their classes this spring on a regular basis. More information will be requested from the faculty member and then decision will be made regarding the request. An additional faculty member has requested some of the iPads for a few days during the semester. We encourage classroom use of these iPads.

Auto-Locking of Workstations - At a recent IT Risk Management meeting, it was mentioned that it would be good for workstations to be locked if left idle for a certain amount of time, perhaps 15 minutes. We discussed how best to move in that direction.

GoPrint Admin Access - We are reviewing who has admin access to GoPrint and reducing the number to only those who have need for such access.

Tablets in Education Webinar - There is a "Tablets in Education" webinar scheduled for 2/19 (9 a.m.) and another for next week 2/27 (1 p.m.). Larry will send out more information on the webinar and interested parties may contact Larry or Diane.

K1000 Go App - Matt H demoed this app which is available on the iPhone and has features that are useful to LIS technicians assigned to work orders. For example, you can click on the phone icon and it will call the requester without having to type in the phone number. If you want the app available enabled for you, contact Carsten.

Viruses on Removable Media/Network Storage - When viruses are found on personal network shares or removable media, a work order will be created and the individual will be contacted by the LIS Technology Help Desk to remove the infected file(s). Trial - We are providing all students, faculty, and staff access to through 3/18/14. is an online subscription library that teaches the latest software, creative, and business skills through high-quality instructional videos. To access, go to from on campus and fill out the registration form. For more information, visit Luther's Trial is 2/19/14 - 3/18/14.

Printer Stickers - In order to aid those printing in the main floor library lab determine to which printer their job was sent, stickers were created and affixed to the printers indicating which is black & white single and which is black & white double-sided. The color copier by the DVDs already has a sticker on it.

Olin Classrooms - Bob shared the state of an old cable found in the ceiling in one of the Olin classrooms during the J-Term technology upgrades of Olin 207, 208, and 209.