User Services Meeting - 2/3/14

Present: Carsten, Erin, Larry, Matt H, Matt H, Eddy, Jennifer S, Jennifer R, Ryan, Diane

Printing - The color printer that was in the main floor library lab as a pilot has been moved back to technical services and is for LIS only. The black & white copier in the library has been changed to a color copier; from the library lab you can now print in color for cash and from the public access computers you can print in black & white for cash. A color printer has been installed in the Student Organization Suite, for use by student organizations. Communication regarding these changes has included emails, computer wallpaper, Facebook, The Bulletin announcements, Tuesday announcements, signage in the library, and posters are in progress.

CFA 118 - A new photo printer for use with ART 118 has been installed in CFA 118; it is only for art faculty and students in the class. The Dell printer will remain in the room for all to use.

Classroom Updates - Renovation of Olin 207, 208, and 209 is in progress. Olin 213 has been put back together with same workstations and equipment it contained prior to the November sprinkler leak. Sequencer software was installed for use in biology class this spring. Over J-Term, the multimedia team reviewed classrooms and fixed items as needed (i.e. replacing batteries, bulbs, cables) to ensure they're ready for Spring 2014.

Lab Updates - The JN 124 Mac Lab has new workstations running Mountain Lion. Two of them will have external DVD drives; none have internal drives. The Electronic Music Studio workstation was upgraded. CFA 118 now contains the iMacs that were previously in JN 124 (10) plus 8 Mac Pro towers. The Multimedia Lab now has 3 Mac Pro towers from CFA 118 for a total 7 Mac Pro towers.

Energy Star and EPEAT Policy - We discussed the proposed changes to the Energy Star and EPEAT policy and implications for our team.

Summer Student Employment - We reviewed the timeline for summer student employment requisitions, applications, and hiring.

Midyear Check-ins - Next week's individual check-ins will be extended to allow time for midyear check-ins.

Objectives - At this week's LIS General, we will be reviewing our 2013-2014 objectives and their status.

Student Usage of MS Access - We discussed the need for student usage of MS Access in one of the spring courses and how best to accommodate that request.

Fighting Brain Freeze - The promotion went well; there were 60+ participants.

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