User Services Meeting - 1/20/14

Present: Erin, Matt B, Bob E, Larry, Matt H, Eddy, Jennifer S, Chris, Diane

Auto Re-open Closed Work Orders - Matt H has implemented a feature that allows LIS to be more responsive to the Luther community. If a requester updates a work order that’s already been closed, that work order is re-opened and the owner is emailed.

Color Copier Addition to the Library - The black & white copier/printer in the library that is located by the DVDs and allows copies and prints at $.05 each will be replaced by a color copier/printer this week. Black & white prints will continue to be available from the public access computers. Color prints will be available from the main floor library lab computers at $.25 each. Copies may be black & white or color and are charged accordingly. We talked through the details of the transition.

Color Printer for SOS - A color printer for use by student organizations will be installed in the Student Organization Office before the start of Spring 2014.

Library Lab Color Printer Removal - Once the above two printer/copier transitions are in place, the color printer currently in the main floor library lab will be returned to Technical Services where it used to belong. For the past 2+ years we have been piloting the color printer in the library in conjunction with GoPrint monies and that pilot is ending. There have been too many accidental color prints using up student allowances and causing confusion, color prints that should be made elsewhere, prints of entire documents when only one page needs to be in color, and other usage of the color printer which is not sustainable nor cost-effective.

Olin Classroom Update - Bob shared photos on the progress in Olin 207, 208, and 209. The plan for each of these spaces is to remove the fixed podium in front of the class and replace it with an equipment rack in the corner to provide a more flexible, mobile classroom space. The speakers and projectors are also being replaced at this time.

GusDay - Last Friday, Matt B, Erin, Carsten, Dave, and Adam all attended GusDay at St. Kate's. GusDay is an IT and technology conference, first hosted at Gustavus, attended by Minnesota higher education institutions and Luther. Matt B provided an update on the conference.