Student & Color Printing Update

This past fall, discussions regarding printing were held with representatives from Student Senate, Residence Life, Student Organizations, Student Activities, Office for Financial Services, other academic and administrative departments, the Document Center, and 50+ students. Based on those conversations, here is the current status of student printing and upcoming plans for color printing:

Student Printing

1) Student quotas are $5 for J-Term and $20 for Spring and Fall semesters. Students who run out of funds in their GoPrint account may visit OFS to deposit money into their NordiCash account and then choose to print from that purse within GoPrint (top right corner). More information on NordiCash and GoPrint is at

2) Students printing for a recognized organization on campus may login to a computer using that account (e.g. "senate") and print using that account. Quotas have been set per conversation with Student Organizations, the quota will be $20 per year; since we are starting mid-year, the quota has been set at $10. The list of recognized organizations is available at Organizations needing additional funds may contact Trish Neubauer.

3) Students printing for Residence Life as an RA or AHD may login to a computer using their own account and select the appropriate purse within GoPrint. Per conversation with Residence Life, the RA quota is $15 per year and the AHD quota is $25 per year. RAs and AHDs needing additional funds may contact Kris Franzen.

4) Students printing for a department as part of their work-study assignment are to print to printers in their respective department using the login provided by the department.

5) Students may also print to the copier/printer in the library that accepts cash, or print at the Document Center.

Color Printing (changes in place by Spring 2014)

1) The color printer in the main floor library lab will be returned to its former home in LIS Technical Services and therefore it will not be available for students to use. The movement of the color printer into the library lab was a pilot project and that pilot will be ending.

2) The black & white printer/copier/scanner in the library by the DVDs that accepts cash will be changed to a color printer/copier/scanner this J-Term. This will be available to all of the Luther students, faculty, and staff.

3) A color printer will be installed in the Student Organization Suite for use by student organizations using their respective organization account.

4) The Document Center may be used for color printing needs of RAs, AHDs, and other Luther students, faculty, and staff.

If you have any questions, please contact the LIS Technology Help Desk at 563-387-1000, email [email protected], or enter your request online at