User Services Meeting - 12/2/13

Present: Larry, Matt H, Matt H, Carsten, Erin, Bob E, Matt B, Jennifer S, Eddy, Jennifer R, Ryan, Chris, Diane

Olin Update - We discussed the situation in Olin in regard to the water damage that occurred over the weekend and whether or not classes would be held in Olin 208, 209, and 213 the remainder of the semester. Decision made Tuesday to resume use of Olin 208 and 209 beginning Wednesday, but to move Olin 213 classes to other locations.

Travel Update - Jennifer and Jennifer shared information from the conferences at which they presented in October and November - Internet Librarian and Brick & Click. Topics included: Social Media - Facebook is not necessarily the hotspot for the college student demographic, more on Instagram; NC State University's Hunt Library - created photo contest on Instagram and then photos were added to the institutional archives; Washburn University from Topeka - new library director charged to determine the relevancy of the library and to revitalized it (which he did); Networking - Visit other libraries to learn from others what they’re doing that works and vice versa.

GoPrint - We discussed how we will be handling student printing by RAs, student workers, and student organizations going forward. We also discussed student quotas. More information will be provided as changes are implemented.

Color Printing - We will be returning the color printer in the library to its former home in LIS Technical Services and therefore it will not be available for students, faculty, and staff. The movement of the color printer into the library lab was a pilot project and that pilot will be ending. Color printing is still available in the Document Center. We are also pursuing a different option for the library, though we aren't certain at this point whether or not it will occur.

Staff H Drives - A message will be sent to all staff using their public_html folder on their h drive informing them of the changes occurring on December 26. More information at H drive Changes Coming.

TWILIS & LIS Council Notes - Asked for any questions on the recent posts and also reminded the team that the User Services presentations to LIS Council are available to all User Services staff.

Atomic Learning v - We currently have Atomic Learning and will be scheduling a webinar to consider as an alternative to online training materials for the Luther community.

LIS Feedback Survey follow-up - Recent changes to the LIS Feedback Survey were reviewed. The survey is now sent from with kbox, is a shorter survey, submissions are sent to Carsten, the team lead, and the owner. Carsten will be the point person for any feedback that's requested.

Norse Logo - Our workstation images will be changing next summer to use the newest Luther logo rather than that Norse Logo.