10/29/13 5:00PM Network outage in Dieseth fixed.

10/29/13 5:00PM -- The replacement power supplies arrived and have been installed. Wireless service on the west side of Brunsdale Lounge is now restored.

10/26/13 10:00AM -- The replacement parts will ship on Monday for delivery to us on Tuesday. This should allow us to be fully functional including in the west side of Brunsdale Lounge by the end of the day on Tuesday.

10/26/13 8:00AM -- The network outage was a result of the failure of 2 power supplies for the wireless equipment. Each power supply powers 8 wireless access points in Dieseth. Apparently when they failed they tripped the breaker and that resulted in the loss of power to the rest of the Dieseth network. We have spare equipment on hand to effectively deal with the failure of one of these power supplies, and have made use of this equipment to recover from the failure of one power supply in the past. This is the first time that two have failed at the same time. Using all of the spare equipment that we have has allowed me to bring back the entire Dieseth network with the exception of one access point. The access point that is still down is the one in the Dieseth side of Brunsdale lounge. I chose to leave this as the one that's down because I believe it will have the least impact on students use of the wireless network. Replacement power supplies are on their way, but I don't have an arrival time yet. I will update this blog post when I have more information about when the west side of Brunsdale Lounge will be fully operational again.


10/26/13 6:30AM -- The network in Dieseth is down. The cause is being investigated.