User Services Meeting 8/20/13

Present: Carsten, Erin, Matt B, Larry, Matt H, Matt H, Eddy, Jennifer R, Diane

Fall Schedule - Reviewed the fall schedule for team meetings and individual check-ins.

“Classroom/Lab” Field - We have added the field "Classroom/Lab" to the work order system in order to collect and analyze requests by space. The possible locations are the same list that's in AdAstra. This field will be next to the "Asset" field which will be used more intentionally this year for both workstations and projectors.

“Kbox Auto Submit” - New work orders that are created via forms submitted on the LIS website will have the text "Kbox Auto Submit" to identify their source.

GoPrint - Due to increased printing pressures on the User Services budget, we discussed potential changes to the GoPrint Allowance Increase process.

- Departments on campus who have Luther-owned diskettes, zip drives, etc
, that they no longer have use for may send them to LIS. Larry will dispose/recycle them as appropriate.

Faculty Carrels - The faculty carrels in the Lower Floor of the library which are located between SASC/SSS and the vending area will become available for check-out by emerita this fall. We discussed technology for these spaces and check-out procedures.

Summer Lab Updates - Most of the Windows workstations and Kiosks have been upgraded or refreshed, there are a few podiums yet to be done. The Mac lab base image is in progress and Mac lab and podium refreshes will occur next week. The "LIS Headlines" desktop wallpaper is going campus-wide on widescreen monitors in classrooms and labs. There is now a "Help Desk Quik-Submit" icon on classroom and lab workstations to encourage reporting of concerns. In addition, Sophos is now installed in hidden thaw space so the software will be updated throughout the year, as appropriate, rather than only once a semester. The new URL for Atomic Learning is available on and off campus, the Luther Community may login with their own Norse Key username and password, and videos can now be assigned/recommended. In addition, we will be providing further integration with KATIE.

Sophos - We discussed ensuring all Sophos documentation on the LIS website is current in preparation for the start of the Fall Semester.

Digital Media Center - We reviewed the workflow for the Technology Help Desk, Multimedia, Circulation Desk, and Classroom/Lab support in terms of technology equipment requests, both now and once the new Digital Media Center construction is complete. We are seeking to hire 8 first year students as Multimedia Technicians.

Technology Help Desk Training - Training for new and returning Technology Help Desk and Multimedia Technician students begins next week Tuesday afternoon and continues through the week.

Move-in Weekend - We are seeking LIS volunteers to assist with move-in weekend, August 31 and September 1. Hours LIS is scheduled to be in residence halls this year are 9-3 Saturday and 11-1 Sunday.

OCLC WMS - The new library system is in place and a new release was installed Sunday night which includes materials booking functionality. More information to come.

LIS Headlines - Contact Jennifer if there is information you would like shared via LIS Headlines on the classroom/lab workstations.