SAN Upgrade rescheduled for July 20, 2013

On Saturday, July 20, 2013 LIS will be performing an upgrade to our Storage Area Network. During the upgrade, many services such as KATIE, Reason, Citrix, printing to network printers, and access to network files (e.g. admin1/academic) will be unavailable. Internet access, the campus network, Datatel, Norse Apps, and the ability to log into workstations will remain operational. More information and updates will be posted to the LIS blog as available.

Update: 8:00AM SAN Update has begun
Update: 11:00AM Katie is now back online.
Update: 12:15PM Printspooler is now back online and Network printing is once again functional
Update: 1:10PM Campus Directory is functional again.
Update: 2:30PM ADMIN1 file server is back on line.
Update: 10:30PM Citrix is back online.
Update: 12:05AM Sunday – Academic file server is back on line.