User Services Meeting - 7/2/13

Present: Carsten, Charles, Bob E, Matt B, Matt H, Matt H, Larry, Diane

  • Multimedia Center Planning – Part 1 of Phase I of the Digital Media Proposal has been approved. We are awaiting funding estimates and timeline for construction from Facilities before moving forward with network, storage, and equipment purchases.
  • Main 113 – All technology has been removed, the room has been gutted, and we are anxious to get back into the space and begin the installation of the new technology.
  • Olin 207 & 208 – Both Olin 207 and 208 will be receiving new, movable tables and chairs and LIS will be installing equipment racks in the corner rather than having a fixed teaching desk and podium computer in the front center of the classrooms.
  • Olin 301 – This space which had formerly been reserved for training and instruction and group facilitation sessions has been available as a regular classroom space for the past two years. We are hoping more classes will be scheduled there in coming years.
  • Google Drive for iPad – LIS is beginning to test the app and it’s working well.
  • Summer 2013 Faculty Roll – The week of July 8, the summer faculty computer roll for Music and Nursing begins. Workstations are being imaged this week in preparation. We discussed the workflow and schedule for the next three weeks.
  • RC 11 – Athletics would like to have the lab workstations currently in RC11 moved elsewhere, or the specialized software installed on other existing lab workstations. Options were discussed and will be relayed back to Athletics.
  • Compellent SAN Upgrade – We discussed the upcoming Compellent SAN upgrade, timeline, and affected systems.
  • Sophos – We discussed the performance of Sophos on Luther-owned Macs that are heavily used and ways in which to alleviate the issues.
  • KBOX Upgrade – Information regarding version 5.5 was shared and additional information will be shared as it becomes available. Timeline for the upgrade has not yet been determined.