User Services Meeting - 5/23/13

Present: Carsten, Matt B, Bob E, Larry, Matt H, Matt H, Eddy, Jennifer R, Jennifer S, Ryan, Diane

  • IAICU IT Workshop – Matt H, Larry, and Diane shared brief updates from the IAICU IT Workshop they attended this past Tuesday and Wednesday held at St. Ambrose in Davenport.
  • Materials Booking – In June we will be moving to the new system which has their materials booking feature slated for implementation in August. In the interim, Eddy will track equipment checkout manually until the system has the feature in place. Ryan will confirm the timing of the materials booking feature.
  • Tech Equipment Inventory – At a future meeting, we will have conversation regarding what technology equipment is getting checked out from the Circulation Desk, what is not getting checked out, and what should be available via the Circulation Desk.
  • 2012-13 LIS Annual Report – Reminder that the draft of the LIS Annual Report for 2012-13 is due Friday, May 31.
  • Web Content Requests – The field type in the kbox for the URL has been changed from a text field to a link field. This provides validation that the URL is in the appropriate format and it is now an active link.
  • Virus Removal Process – We discussed the current process for identifying Luther-owned workstations with a virus, entering them as work orders, and resolving them. We also discussed communications between LIS and the faculty/staff with the infected machine, dealing with false positives, and identifying additional workstations that may have issues to be resolved.
  • 2013-14 User Services Objectives – We began work to identify the team objectives for the upcoming year. Work will continue asynchronously and we will meet again next week for further conversation.
  • Main 113 – All equipment has been removed from Main 113 in preparation for the classroom redesign which is occurring this summer.
  • CFA 118 – All equipment has been removed from CFA 118 in preparation for Lutheran Summer Music (LSM).
  • Caf & Marty’s – Both the cafeteria and Marty’s are emptied out in regard to LIS equipment and are ready for the remodel. Everything that might have been in the way has either been removed or covered.