Update: Network Access Control System Upgrade

All day today I’ve been working with an engineer from Bradford Networks. We’re preparing to move Network Sentry (Formerly known as Campus Manager) to a pair of new servers. Network Sentry controls access to our network. We planned for all of the work to be completed today, but moving our data and configuration to the new servers is taking longer than expected. Today’s expected interruption to the wireless network access did not occur. We are still running on the old servers.

We plan to attempt to finish the upgrade tomorrow afternoon starting at 1:00PM. Sometime after 1:00PM there will be a brief disruption of access to the LCWireless wireless network when we switch from the old servers to the new ones.

Thank you for your patience as we upgrade this important piece of network infrastructure.

Update: 05/24/13 4:20PM: The upgrade is complete and we believe everything is functioning properly at this time.