User Services Meeting - 4/6/13

Present: Matt H, Matt B, Bob E, Lynnette, Carsten, Larry, Matt H, Eddy, Jennifer S, Jennifer R, Diane

  • Welcome to Carsten – Carsten Earl began in LIS as Help Desk Lead on Monday, April 15.
  • LIS Student Worker Google Group – Jennifer and Jennifer proposed the idea of having a Google Group for all of the LIS student workers, to keep them informed of LIS happenings and upcoming events. LIS students may subscribe to the LIS Blog and are receiving information that way currently. Once LIS moves to Reason, we will continue discussion on this topic.
  • Budget – User Services team members may add their budgetary requests for 2013-14 to the Norse Doc that’s been created. Inform Diane of any purchases needed out of the current budget.
  • Sophos Home Use Exit Strategy – Luther will no longer be providing Sophos antivirus for personally owned workstations, beginning the end of May, 2013. There are free and paid options available and LIS will assist faculty, staff, and students in the transition.
  • Microsoft Support Dates – Microsoft is ending Windows XP support April 8, 2014. We have 72 workstations currently on Windows XP and discussed how best to transition these workstations. On a similar note, Windows XP Server support ends July 2015. Office 2003 support ends April 8, 2014, but we skipped that version and went from Office 2000 to Office 2007.
  • Book Sale – The book sale that is occurring in the library this week is going well. In addition to books, DVDs and VHS tapes are also in the sale.