And So Book Madness Begins: Round 1 of Voting Concludes, Round 2 Begins

For those of you who have been following our March Book Madness competition, I am happy to announce that we have our top 64 titles selected thanks to Round 1 voting. These titles represent the top vote getters in the competition, where ties were broken using number of holdings in WorldCat as the deciding vote.

Curious to see what the 64 titles are? Visit our Facebook page.

You can also click here to vote in Round 2 by selecting your favorite books in 32 book-to-book match ups.

Deadline for submitting your Round 2 votes is this Friday, March 22nd at Midnight.

Note: Watch the display at Research Help this week and the library’s Facebook page for more information about how your own bracket making genius and voting participation may win you a prize or two from your friends at Preus.