Vote for Your Favorites in March "Book" Madness!

Starting today everyone in the Luther community will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite reads in the 2013 Preus Library March “Book” Madness competition. Taking our cue from the popular basketball competition, the library invites you to submit your top three favorite books in an initial vote to determine the top 64 titles to be used in this competition, where we will increasingly narrow the options to 32, 16, 8, 4, 2, and finally the singular Luther Book Champion on Monday, April 8th.

Central communication for this competition will be carried out on the Preus Library Facebook page , although you do not need to have a Facebook account to participate. All voting will be done via Google Forms, which will require you to use your NorseKey to sign-in.

Want to enter your top three titles for consideration to be the “Luther Book Champion”?
Click here to access the first voting form.

Please spread the word to other faculty, staff, and students at Luther. The more participation we receive the more fun, relevant, and exciting this competition will be!

Note: This first round of voting will conclude at Midnight on Saturday, March 16th. The initial 64 books will be announced on the Preus Library Facebook page on the evening of March 17th (Selection Sunday).