User Services Meeting - 2/5/13

Present: Matt H, Matt B, Bob E, Larry, Matt H, Eddy, Jennifer R, Jennifer S, Diane

  • ZBrush – It was learned recently that this software hasn’t been functioning all year in CFA 118; it wasn’t needed for classes until now. The problem has been resolved and it is up and running.
  • Final Cut – The MacPros in the CFA 118 lab will be upgraded from Final Cut 7 to Final Cut Pro X this week. The iMacs in that space will continue to run Final Cut Express.
  • Social Media Update – Following up on their recent blog post, Jennifer and Jennifer provided updates on their New Facebook Strategy (focus on photos with students), shared Social Media Metrics (weekly tracking numbers of fans, posts, likes on posts, comments, shares), and shared Photos & Comments from events held so far this year. Send suggestions for content and events to Jennifer or Jennifer.
  • Demonstration of Morsle – Jennifer R logged into KATIE and showed the Google integration, focusing on the Morsle Block and how to add a Morsle File. We also discussed storage of video and audio files used within KATIE sites.
  • Multimedia Proposal – An update of the multimedia plan was shared with the team and then we walked through the areas that are a part of the proposal, discussing the intended usage, equipment, networking, and storage involved. We also touched on the phasing of the project.