Reason administrative interface changes and text blurbs

Administrative Interface changes

This morning I’ve put in place some administrative interface changes in Reason. You will notice icons and, more significantly, a change in the layout for Add/Editing and Borrowing of content types. The change results on saved screen real estate. Instead of vertically listing the content types twice — once for Add/Edit, once for Borrow. The list of content types is listed once and the Add/Edit and Borrow functions are split into tabs.

Credit goes to Matt Ryan at Carleton College for the changes. If you are interested here is his post regarding the Reason interface changes. He also credits the following icon creators.

Text Blurbs

Another change we’ve made is the handling of Text Blurbs. During training we only mentioned Text Blurbs in the context of Contact Information. This usage still applies — if you want a blurb to appear under the lefthand site navigation, make sure ‘Contact Information’ is somewhere in the name field of the Blurb. There can be more than one contact information blurb per site.

Now for the change, if a blurb does not have ‘Contact Information’ somewhere in the name, then the blurb will be placed in the main area under any page content (if any exists, if none exists, it will be the first thing in main area). See our testground for an example. The advantage is that blurbs can be borrowed and placed on multiple pages and sites. So if you have content on your site that should go in the main content area that you know others are going to want to borrow, use a blurb.