User Services Weekly - 4/22/08

Present: Andrew, Matt H, Matt B, Jim, Ryan, Bob E, Bob P, Larry, Todd, Diane

* Moving to the Mac Platform - Demo in Mott 12:15-1:15 Wednesday, April 23rd. Chris B will be answering questions from those who are considering switching, show Parallels running Vista, and will show new features in Leopard.

* Multimedia Computer Lab Pilot - Matt B (project lead), Aaron, and Jim will be working together on this project that will begin mid June. Goals are consistency between systems, software/hardware recommendations, and positive user experience. Will include recommended support structure and documentation.

* Olin 202 Monitors - Request made to upgrade the 34 monitors because they are fuzzy and don't have enough real estate for the multiple windows used in Linux. Will be added as a budget request.

* Projection in Main 12 - Request made to mount the projection unit to reduce the amount of time to setup/teardown for meetings. Discussed using existing projection unit versus purchasing a new unit.

* Smart Music - Request made to have Smart Music available in the practice rooms. Would need hardware as well as the software and network for yearly activation. More research needed.

* Pilots - Three faculty currently piloting Windows Vista systems. Mac Leopard image in progress and ready soon. Windows Vista demo units and Mac hardware available for viewing in Main 11.