New Dates for Moving Alumni to NorseMail

New Dates for Moving Alumni to NorseMail

We've modified the dates to start communication to Alumni on June 30th so that the HelpDesk is staffed to help respond to Alumni with questions.

Here's the new plan for moving existing Alumni to NorseMail.

1) Scott will modify the Alumni directory application to include an option under Settings, to create a new NorseMail account. Scott will add instruction for them to recreate email forwarding accounts in NorseMail. The current email forwarding option will not display for those Alumni using NorseApps.

2) Sherry will draft a message to Alumni announcing the opportunity for Alumni to setup their own luther email account on NorseMail. Sherry will publish an announcement in the next Alumni quarterly to inform all Alumni of this new offering.

3) Chris S. will provide the Alumni office with a list of Alumni who have setup email forwarding as of June 27th. Chris estimates that approximately 3000 have setup email forwarding.

4) June 30th, Judy Riha will send an email message to those Alumni on the list from Chris (with email forwarding) announcing that Alumni now have the opportunity to setup their own luther email account on NorseMail. Alumni will be asked to create the new NorseMail account by July 28th.

5) July 28th, Scott will remove the email forwarding option from the Alumni Directory application.

All 2008 graduates will have moved to NorseMail by May 31st through the student migration process.

LIS will evaluate inactive email accounts in July 2008.