User Services Weekly - 3/25/08

Present: Andrew, Matt H, Matt B, Jim, Bob E, Bob P, Larry, Todd, Diane

* Announcements - The date Norse Key passwords expire, April 16th, is also a registration date so the Registrar's Office will be alerted and additional communications will be sent. Equipment ordered for chemistry will be arriving within the next couple of weeks.

* Password Strength Indicator - Discussed the Norse Key password strength indicator that is currently being tested. Will summarize from the group and share with Chris S. Send additional comments directly to Chris S.

* Faculty Roll - Discussed potential faculty and staff candidates to test the three scenerios to be implemented this summer for the faculty roll: Windows Vista, IntelMac running Leopard, IntelMac running Leopard and Parallels with Vista. Will contact the Vista candidates first as that image is ready for testing and hardware is available. Will wait a little to contact the IntelMac candidates as those images will be ready for testing within LIS next week.

* G5 Macs - Wanting 12 G5 Macs that could be installed in the Koren Lab for the remainder of the semester.