User Services Weekly - 3/18/08

Present: Matt H, Matt B, Jim, Ryan, Bob E, Bob P, Larry, Todd, Chris S, Diane

* Announcements - March Monthly User Services meeting cancelled; attend Thursday morning's Encore Kickoff instead. Faculty survey in preparation for this summer's faculty roll opened last Friday and closes this Friday; 90 responses so far. Bob P's 5 year anniversary at Luther College - congrats, Bob!

* Norse Key Password Changes - Chris S joined us to discuss the new password change interface and the timing/content of the reminder emails that will be sent prior to the expiration date of April 16, 2008. Email changes may take up to 24 hours to be effective. Oracle Calendar passwords are synced at 6:00AM, noon, 6:00PM and midnight. Changes go live tomorrow, March 19th, and campus-wide email to be sent.

* Development Rollout - Reviewed status of the computer rollout in Development and feedback received thus far. Ready to schedule the computer upgrade meeting with Alumni. The upgrade schedule is full this week and next.

* Printers - Many laser printers on campus wanting attention over the past couple of weeks. Review the basics of printer troubleshooting with the Help Desk students and begin to work through the work orders. Senior papers are due the end of April.

* Vista - Vista image for the PCs for this summer's roll being deployed in LIS for testing. IntelMac image with Leopard and Parallels running Vista in progress and will be ready for testing soon. Lab images for PCs and Macs in progress. Adobe Acrobat Reader will be on the images; full version only installed where needed. Adobe CS3 Design Premium to be installed on the images.