Google Sites Launched

Yesterday, Google added a new application to their online productivity suite known as Google Apps (or locally as Norse Apps). Google Sites allows one-click publishing of content to the web and interfaces directly with other products in the suite such as Google Docs, Spreadsheets, and Presentations.

Significant features of this new product are the built-in collaboration features, which let you assign rights to view and edit content to any other user, publishing controls which also limit off-campus and on-campus use of content, a number of themes (which are also customizable), and what promises to be an expanding number of content types defined for use in the product.

This product may fill a needed niche at Luther as an easy-to-use product for non-web folk to publish material online quickly and easily while maintaining full control over who can access that material.

Sites has been activated for and is available at More information on the product is available from Google at