Technology Fee Defined

Beginning in the 2008-09 academic year, Luther will collect a technology fee from students which will provide and enhance access to technologies supporting academic and residential life at Luther. A definition and scope for the fee is included below. Funding will be managed by LIS in consultation with an advisory panel of students. LIS will report in full to the community how these funds were used to support these initiatives. Additional questions regarding the technology fee can be directed to Christopher Barth ([email protected]) in LIS.

Luther’s Technology Fee provides and enhances access to a wide variety of technologies supporting curricular and residential life for all Luther students. Access to Internet bandwidth, web-based resources, academic computing labs and software, multimedia equipment, and services to support these technologies are all supported through this fee.

The following areas of student technology service are supported in part by the technology fee:

Campus Bandwidth and Support
Luther has an ongoing thirst for greater connectivity to the Internet for both curricular and residential use. Students are the largest user group of Internet bandwidth, and use significant bandwidth from both on and off campus.

Web-Based Resources and Support
LIS and Luther seek to provide and expand web-based services and resources for our students to enable secure and reliable access to a wide variety of data regarding their education and curriculum.

Academic and Antivirus Software and Support
More than 200 software programs are made available by LIS in support of the curriculum at Luther. Ensuring that this software is kept updated continues to be a significant challenge given rising software costs, and the expanding number of titles supported. Luther also provides and maintains antivirus software for student-owned computers and may provide additional software in the future.

Academic Computer Labs and Support
Computing lab spaces are very popular among Luther students. Because these labs are critical to our curriculum, LIS is seeking to refresh and replace these labs on quicker schedules than in the past to ensure the best computing experience for our students. With more than 500 workstations deployed for student academic work, we have significant inventory to maintain.

Multimedia Equipment and Support
Over the last several years, the demand for multimedia equipment and associated technologies has continued to grow, both for in-classroom use through traditional classroom technologies, and outside the classroom in areas such as audio and video editing. LIS seeks to provide better access to these tools as they continue to be adopted into the curriculum.

Printing Equipment and Support
As Luther seeks to achieve a more managed and sustainable approach to printing on campus, we also seek to provide greater flexibility and options for students seeking to create printed materials.

Campus Technology Infrastructure and Support
We regularly seek expansion of existing campus technology infrastructure such as additional physical and wireless networking facilities.