Norse Apps Rollout in Progress

We are moving forward with the Norse Apps implementation. Here are a few points of interest:

* There are currently about 100 Norse Apps accounts, including our Help Desk students.

* Last evening we held a training session/discussion with Help Desk students in order to help prepare us all to support the Luther community as we move to Norse Apps. Reaction from the students has been very positive.

* Starting next week, the incoming class of 2012 will have their initial accounts created in Norse Apps.

* Soon thereafter, we will begin inviting students to migrate their accounts, beginning with the seniors since this will permit them to keep their Luther account following graduation. It will be a gradual roll.

* Yet this week, LIS members who have not yet migrated will be invited to do so. You will receive an email with more information.

* The migration process can be initiated by those invited when they are ready. Those who have been invited will receive a new screen when they login to asking whether they want to migrate now or later. If they chose later, the screen will continue to appear every time they login to webmail until they migrate. When they choose to migrate, they will be able to begin using Norse Apps right away to send and receive new messages. Old messages will be migrated after 5:00pm on weekdays so some may choose to migrate closer to 5:00pm to shorten the amount of time they are unable to access old messages. More details regarding the migration process are on the invitation screen in webmail and the emails that are sent to you once you do begin the migration process.

* Those who migrate to Norse Apps can continue to use Thunderbird or other mail client if they choose; a few settings need to be made in Thunderbird or your other mail client, though, before it will work with Norse Mail.

* Our plan is to focus on students first, though faculty and staff who wish to migrate may contact the LIS Help Desk to make their request.

* A demo of Norse Apps was held yesterday noon and training is scheduled for this afternoon. Additional sessions are listed on the Spring 2008 schedule located at

* For more information on Norse Apps, review the materials on the Help Desk website at There is information for each of the components of Norse Apps including Norse Mail, Norse Chat, Norse Calendar, Norse Docs, and the Norse Start Page.

* Questions regarding Norse Apps are welcomed and encouraged.