User Services Weekly - 2/26/08

Present: Andrew, Jim, Matt H, Matt B, Ryan, Bob P, Bob E, Larry, Todd, Diane

* Disk Space - Discussed disk space options for students involved in video projects.  Will obtain more information from the department making the request and consider purchasing hard drives for check-out from Circulation.

* Summer Student Workers -  Reviewed the requests for student workers made last year in relation to current requests for student workers for this summer.  We have more requests now than we anticipated last year.  Deadline for position requestions is Friday, March 21st.

* Nobilis Laptops - There are 20 old Nobilis laptops that will be made available through the LIS Used Equipment Auction.

* Laptop Classrooms - Discussed requests from three departments for old laptops (from the Summer 2008 faculty roll) to be installed in departmental lab spaces.  Two of them already have laptops and are wanting to replace their laptops.  The third is currently a lab containing desktop computers.  More conversation will occur on this topic.

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