Colleague Development Studio beta testing

Debbie Smith and I have been participating in a beta test for a new software development product from Datatel. The product is called Colleague Studio and is based on the Eclipse software development program. Eclipse is an open source development framework. Datatel has added its own development "perspective" to Eclipse to handle special tasks that need to occur for Datatel software development.

The software development program that we're currently using in Datatel is called the Envision Toolkit. It is available in the Datatel User Interface and uses Datatel-developed forms to make all software changes. The new Colleague Studio interface gives us a graphical view of our software and makes it easier to do our development. All information is contained in various tabs and views in one Colleague Studio project instead of within many individual screens within Datatel's user interface.

Datatel is involving interested clients at an earlier stage in their development process for this project. They hope to get more feedback from clients early in the process to make this a more usable product.

At this point, we are only able to make changes to regular subroutines. Further trials of Colleague Studio will be made available for us to test the development of user interface screens, web screens, computed columns, menus, etc.

We're excited to be a part of these early trials and have the opportunity to help Datatel develop a user-friendly product for software development.