User Services Weekly - 2/12/08

Present: Andrew, Matt H, Matt B, Jim, Ryan, Bob E, Bob P, Larry, Todd, Eddy, Diane

Video Cameras - For this term only, the video camera that Bob P is using for his projects will be shared with Sandra. Since the music department has regular need for video cameras, they will purchase their own prior to Fall 2008. There is need for 10 video cameras at the Circulation Desk for 24 hour check-out and we have 8 this semester. Will add a budget request for two additional video cameras, replacement of aging equipment, and an additional video camera for A/V.

Adobe CS3 - Need a decision on which package to purchase and support so that we can begin building images with it. Discussed the components that are needed by faculty, staff and students. Will compare the price of the Master Collection to a combination of another package and the components it does not include. Preference for puchasing the collection. Will purchase 1 Mac and 1 PC license for now and additional licenses later. May not need as many licenses as we've purchased in the past, though the package itself is expensive.