Library Professional Staff Mt. Feb. 11, 2008


February 11, 2008, 9:15 a.m., Hovde

Present: Andi, Ryan, John, Lindy, Germano, Rachel.

John gave out a handout titled “Library Materials Budget Report, 2007-08, Feb. 8, 2008”. This was reviewed. All are encouraged to submit Paideia orders.

Andi gave a Paideia update and handed out the final schedule for the room schedule for Paideia research paper sessions, spring 2008. Discussion followed. She asked for ideas and suggestions for next year. A base camp will be set up for these suggestions. Note: get guides to Kate soon.

Ryan gave a demo on the Paideia tutorial update showing what is on the LIS site. John and Ryan will be working on Webpac Pro and Webpac Refresher getting things ready for the Encore update.

Andi gave an overview of the Regents Board meeting minutes.