LIS Out Board Beta

Some clarification on absence/vacation notices and the blog. If you’re traveling for Luther and will be gone, it’s great to leave a message on the blog on where you’re going, what you’re doing and when you’re returning. Travel reports as you return are also good to post. For illnesses, vacations, etc., let’s not post individual blog posts for those, and instead just use the LIS Out Board … what is this you say? Read on for more info …

For all LIS users (and only LIS users), a new item in your right-hand sidebar of should have appeared just above the copyright information. It is collapsed by default (though you can change that setting in your account preferences if you want). Clicking on that heading (LIS Out Board) will expand the list of all LIS staff and their status. You can click the individual edit tabs to change any item. There are only two fields that can be set: 1) In or Out – that is a menu item, and there’s no half-in/half-out :); and 2) Return – if you’re out, when will you return. There is a Body field which is not used.

The entire list is also available at (only for LIS staff). The list will sort with “Out” folks at the top of the list and alphabetical otherwise. Drupal made it pretty easy to accomplish this … we’ll see how well it works :)

So, going forward, if you’re going to be out for any reason (Luther travel or personal reasons), please note it on the Out Board with a return time. If you know someone else is out, and they forgot to mark it, please go ahead and do so. If it doesn’t seem to work for you, or if you can think of ways to make this better, let me know. We may make changes as we play with it for a while.