User Services Monthly - 1/23/08

Present: Andrew, Matt H, Matt B, Ryan, Bob E, Bob P, Larry, Todd, Chris B, Diane

* Citrix - Checked on questions asked at the last meeting. Office 2007 can probably be installed on Citrix for App
Dev only (and not for other users yet), but NetSys wants to attend training before pursuing this issue. They also want to attend training before answering the question as to how many additional Citrix users can be added in terms of licensing and load.

* MIDAS - Ryan is contacting potential visit sites to find institutions similar to us. If you are interested in joining the conversations, let Ryan know. Loras (LANDesk), Flexsteel (KBOX), Cedar Rapids site (Attachmate) are three he's pursuing.

* Captivate - The software has arrived and has been installed for Ryan and Bob P. Passing the CD to Diane.

* Admissions - Data collection for newly deposited students is now occurring through KATIE. It provides reports of students who still have items to complete. Red sheets are being produced earlier this year. KATIE questions may come to the Help Desk. Also consider training the Admissions Counselors on KATIE.

* Video Conferencing - Uwe Rudolf is interested in knowing more about the video conferencing options available on campus due to queries from an alum. ICN, NITLE MIV, and Dim Dim are some additional options to consider. Ryan will follow-up.

* 2008 for the Mac - Luther will be able to obtain the software Feb 1st.

* Vista - We shared experiences with Vista and reviewed the Windows Vista Group Recommendations document produced last year to compare our thoughts then with our current thoughts. Larry will lead this project moving forward. We are planning on Vista for the Summer 2008 faculty roll and want additional LISers and pilot faculty/staff to move to Vista before June.