User Services Weekly - 1/15/08

Present: Andrew, Matt H, Matt B, Jim, Ryan, Larry, Todd, Diane

* VirtuMundo - is a widely spread adware parasite that downloads from the Internet and
displays large amounts of unsolicited pop-up advertisements. Sophos can find it, but cannot remove it so the Help Desk is manually doing what they can and machines are being reimaged when necessary. Will continue to work with Adam to determine whether this can be prevented from coming through our firewall. As an aside, Larry would like the Help Desk to recommend settings for Sophos on the new staff/faculty image.

* Facebook - Ryan is presenting to the Iowa Academic Librarians in March on the topic of Facebook and how it can be used by librarians, including a search tool application that he is making available within Facebook.

* Mac Problems - The problem is still occuring and it's interesting to note that it appears to occur between the hours of 9:00am and 4:00pm, when class is in session. Between Christmas and New Year's, the Macs had no trouble. The current line of thought is that it's related to the move of DNS and DHCP to the same server which occurred in the middle of November. Macs in Koren are being changed today to test that theory.

* Streaming - Jim has been working with Dave Blanchard to stream the basketball games. The first games to be streamed are tomorrow evening, 6:00pm and 8:00pm. To view them, go to the Luther sports page and click on "Live Video Streaming Schedule". Stretch Internet is the provider of this service. Other sports will be streamed in the future as well. The operator can switch between the streaming, stats, and other options as desired. Initially, only the live video will be displayed.

* Images - Larry has setup machines in Main and at the Help Desk for all to test the new images. Plans are to finish testing this week and hopefully begin upgrading computers next week. App Dev laptops will be done first and when 2 are released, they will be provided to the Help Desk for the laptop pool and the 2 from the laptop pool will be used for Colleague Advancement testing.

* GusDay - Most indicated preference for traveling up and back in one day on Wednesday, February 6th. MIDAS site visits in progress, so if there is a visit the day before, some may want to do an overnight. For now, vehicles will be reserved and we'll talk more closer to the event. Eleven are currently planning to attend.

* Office 2007 - Will be installing ONLY Office 2007 on the staff computers for this year when we begin rolling. The WAH procedure is still being tested and will be ready soon.

* Opening Convo - An artistic tableau will be in the CFL lobby to highlight the "city" of Luther College. LIS is hoping to contribute a laptop with a running slideshow of various pictures indicating the services that we provide to the campus community.

* Strategic Meeting - Suggestion for the next User Services strategic meeting is Vista. Training will be the topic at an upcoming meeting as well.

* Writing Center - The concerns have been resolved to the satisfaction of the users. Nancy is an administrator on the computer and others have local accounts.

* Citrix - Can Office 2007 be installed on Citrix for App Dev only (and not for other users yet)? How many Citrix licenses do we have? The questions were raised as we were discussing Office 2007 and WAH plans. Diane will check and report back.

* 2008 for the Mac - When will Luther receive the software? The email we received indicated Feb 1st, but since the product has now been released, can we get it now? Diane will check and report back.