An Invitation to Zotero

You know how when you're looking to buy a new car and you've picked out the make and model you're most interested and suddenly you start seeing that car everywhere you go???

That very same thing has happened to me with the bibliographic tool, Zotero.  Everywhere I look I find it in the news.  It made quite a splash at Educause 2007 and the functionality touted for its upcoming new version goes a long ways to blowing away the competition.  Best thing -- IT'S FREE!!!!


I'd like to invite anyone so inclined to use such a tool (and its amazing how many uses you can find for "such a tool") to investigate Zotero.  Take it out for a spin and see what it can do.  Kick the tires.  It is SOOOOOOOO easy to use but still comes with tons of screencast tutorials (  

Check it out at