User Services Weekly - 12/17/07

Present: Andrew, Colin, Jim, Bob E, Bob P, Larry, Todd, Adam, Diane

* Announcements - Our next team meeting will be Tuesday, January 8th.  The President has approved the policies that were submitted including the following: Microsoft Work At Home, Workgroup Printing, Personal Printing, and Network Authentication.

* Mac Problems - Reviewed the status and decided the next steps are to: 1) increase the speed of the Koren Lab from 10 meg back up to 100 meg so the problem re-appears, 2) create a shell script to load test the system, 3) put the Koren lab on its own subnet/VLAN, and 4) change the full/half duplexing to no longer be automatic.  The MacDisconnectFall2007 wiki page created on the HD site will continue to be updated.

* Mac Login Issue - Users with certain affiliations are not able to login to the Macs that, as of this fall, use the OS X login application.  Troubleshooting suggestions were brainstormed.  Research continues on this topic.

* HD Spring Projects - Help Desk student workers will be available for spring projects beginning early in the spring semester.  Could be 5 hrs/week (or possibly 10 hrs/week) through the end of April.  Contact Andrew with project suggestions.

* Admitted Student Guidebook -  It's time to update this in preparation for sharing with new students beginning in February.  In particular, updated minimum/maximum recommendations for computer specifications are needed.  Also want to update the cell phone verbage to be current.

* Topics of Interest -  Discussed the meetings held this fall and how to ensure the topics are relevant and of interest to the team.  Decided the following: 1) send agenda items to Diane prior to the meeting and she will send known topics out the day before the meeting. 2) want team members to briefly (emphasis on briefly) share what they're working on to know whether more information is desired on a particular topic.  3) add agenda items based on the brief updates from team members and other topics that arise.