User Services Weekly - 12/11/07

Present: Andrew, Matt, Colin, Jim, Ryan, Bob E, Bob P, Larry, Todd, Adam, Diane

* Mac Problems - Continued the discussion on the connection problems with Macintosh computers. Diane will create a wiki page on the Help Desk site to document collaboratively the possibilities that have been researched and the current state of each research point.

* MIDAS - One demo this week and another next week.  Larry is contacting vendors and beginning to line up site visits; we'll first talk via phone with potential sites to assure they are using the product in ways that meet our goals.  Hope to have break-out sessions at site visits and to complete the visits in January.  Shared ballpark pricing from each vendor discussed thus far.  Considered the possibility of collaborating on cost/training with other similar institutions.  Will begin the staff roll for this year using the current method of creating and deploying images.  LANdesk pilot is 45 days.

* Office 2007 - Decided to install both 2000 and 2007 on the staff
computers for this year when we begin rolling. No decision made yet regarding the faculty roll or the staff roll for the '08-'09 year.  Default save will be to the old version.  Default suite will be Office 2007.  Faculty/staff will be encouraged to use Office 2007, though they will be able to use Office 2000 when needed and to switch when they are ready.  Questions on Macros in Office 2007 and opening an Office 2007 file from the Mac will be handled outside the meeting.

* Faculty Roll - Conversation to be held Thursday.  Those involved the last time will share their role in the roll and thoughts regarding the upcoming roll.  Next steps will be determined together. 

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