User Services Weekly - 10/30/07

Present: Andrew, Matt, Colin, Jim, Ryan, Bob P, Larry, Todd, Diane

Progress Review

* MIDAS - Have received responses from four of the vendors so
far; waiting for the others. Believe we want to install several
systems for hands-on testing and research. Larry has installed BDD.
Larry and Ryan will meet to discuss the game plan going forward.

* Office 2007 - Believe having the viewers and the
compatibility pack on the computers may be more confusing than
helpful. Will install viewers only as needed. Haven't found an Excel
2007 viewer, though we know the Excel 2003 viewer can see Excel 2007
files. Request from MLL to have proofing tools for all languages
taught at Luther on all Luther computers (PC and Mac). Will check on
pricing and whether they are included in the MS Campus Agreement.

Real-Time Agenda

* Excel Locking - User trying to access an Excel file, but
finding it locked by another user who is not currently in the file.
Ideas? Possible the file is linking to another database or spreadsheet
and that is holding the lock?

* Music Dept Meeting - Meeting was held and there are a few follow-up items coming out of it.

* Sophos - New versions of the clients have been loaded to Team members are to download and install the new version; it doesn't install automatically. When we're ready, Net Sys can then adjust a setting so that the new clients are downloaded and installed for Luther-owned computers on campus. Off-campus upgrades will need to be done manually. The clients will be changed on the HD kiosk so the current version will be burned as needed; mass creation CD's is only once a year. Check renewal dates of sophos.

* Sustainability - Luther's Sustainability Intern, Caleb Mattison, contacted Chris B with questions. He may be visiting others in LIS as well. If contacted, please assist as you are able.

* Kurzweil - Admin1 was low on space last week so Larry and Diane met with SASC to discuss options for the large number of files on that server. Decided to provide an external drive and move the files to it. Also curious as to the expected size for MP3 files; will try creating them with low quality instead of medium. This could be a good candidate for the digital images repository.

* Personal Printers - Distributed current policy draft and reviewed it. Campus-wide printing meeting to be held with the President's Suite this afternoon.

* Work At Home - Laurel and Diane are currently working on producing materials to offer Microsoft's Work At Home program to Luther employees. Materials will be send before next week's meeting.