Notes from LIS Council - 16 October 2007

This fall, the LIS Council has begun meeting regularly each week to
share information and discuss topics pertinant to LIS and the
individual parts thereof. Our meetings have mostly been sharing news
updates from around LIS with each other that can then be shared and
carried back to other parts of the organization. This will be an
important ongoing function of the Council, but is also a task that I
hope to accomplish more regularly via asynchronous communication tools
like the LIS Blog.

This week the Council has shifted to try to talk more in-depth about
a select number of items that could benefit from extended discussion
and thought. I'll report out those topics each week so folks can be
aware of the larger items being discussed.

This week, we primarily discussed the current plan to petition the
faculty to create a departmental designation for courses, internships,
or directed readings offered by faculty in our department. Currently
those courses are offered under the General Studies label. As a result
of the new curriculum, more opportunities are available for us to
participate, particularly in the area of internships, and we believe
there is benefit to having such offerings appear under a designation
for Library and Information Services. Much of our discussion centered
on exactly what that designation should be, LIB for Library or LIS for
Library and Information Services. The issue is somewhat complex and
touches on the role of the parts of LIS with the broader work of the
organization. Conversations are also ongoing with the Dean as we plan
to make a proposal to the faculty later this fall. No final decisions
were made, and we will be continuing to discuss at future meetings.

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