User Services Weekly - 10/9/07

Present: Andrew, Matt, Colin, Jim, Ryan, Bob E, Bob P, Todd, Laurel, Chris B, Diane

Lightening Round

* MLL Library Request - Conversations are continuing in regard to a library solution for the LLC and the possibility of using our existing system for the LLC collection.  Also pursuing the possibility of including HD laptops.  Groups continuing to research and will share perspectives next week.

* Streaming Media -  Process being developed by Bob P with the help of Colin and  is nearly finished.  Requests continue to come in.

* Vista -  Matt has figured out how to install Vista on the Dell laptop and get it to stick. Problem was with a dll file.

* HD Students -  12 student workers are graduating in May which means we need to work hard to be ready for next fall.

* Digital Signage Solution - Demo to be held Wednesday, October 10th in Hovde 3:45 to 4:15.  Jim will invite Susan Peterson.

* Projector Installation -  Most have been installed; 2 left to be installed.


Real-Time Agenda

* LIS Council Update -  Active Campus meeting this afternoon to discuss timeline for implementation; if asked again to test please consider helping out.  Colleague Advancement training begins next week; Debbie and Cindy G are attending.  Network problems have been resolved; personal laptop, improperly configured, was being connected to our network.  Community Assembly is now during the day on Tuesday mornings; Ryan attends and will share back information.  Search team has been decided for Academic Technology Librarian position; Ryan and Bob P are on the team.  Search team being formed for Network & Systems position.  How to share back from LIS Council; suggestions from User Services are to create a blog entry.  Dan's visit was discussed; User Services interested in the LTC (library and technology consultant) position and how it relates to positions at Luther; intent is not for Luther to become another Kenyon.

* Printing - Chris B shared information regarding copiers and contracts.  LIS will be performing an inventory of current copiers, vendors, contracts, etc this fall.  Memo was distributed to the team and will be sent to budget center directors.  Personal printer policy will be updated by Diane and shared back to the team.  Plans are to implement the '08-'09 year and to inform people of the new policy prior to February which is budget season.  This information will be shared in conjunction with other information from LIS such as the Norse Key password policy changes.

* Department Meetings - The meeting with Art and
Theatre/Dance was well received.  Ryan is drafting a Service Level
Agreement / Technology Plan that will include the current computing
environment for the departments, understanding of responsiblities for LIS and
the departments, and goals for the future (short and long term).

* Music Department - The music department does want additional RAM.  User Systems and Laurel will work with the department to purchase and install the appropriate RAM to bring the computers up to 1 Gig.  The Music Department is interested in meeting with LIS next week; Ryan will set up a meeting.

* MIDAS - Ryan has received information from some individuals regarding walkthroughs and demos available for products.  Those who haven't yet emailed Ryan are to do so ASAP.  Ryan will send out a full listing for the team once the information has been gathered.  Plans are to use next Wednesday's strategic meeting to focus on this project.  Ryan and Larry will meet before then to plan the meeting.  Bob E has contacted Symantec / Altiris reps requesting demos prior to Thanksgiving.

* Announcements
** Google Apps Forum tomorrow at 9:00 in Mott.
** Next Tuesday's weekly meeting will finish prior to 2:30 because John has need for Hovde at that time.
** Next Wednesday's strategic meeting will focus on MIDAS.