User Services Weekly - 10/2/07

Present: Andrew, Matt, Colin, Jim, Ryan, Bob E, Larry, Todd, Adam, Diane

* The majority of today's meeting will be used to discuss MIDAS (Management of Imaging, Deployment, And Software updating) systems.

Real-Time Agenda
* Sibelius - The music department is using Sibelius and finding that the computers in the Jensen piano lab are in need of additional memory to satisfactorily run the software.  They can purchase additional memory to bring the machines from 512 to 1Gig if they like.

* Dan Temple's Visit - Dan will be visiting Luther on Friday.  During the User Services time with Dan, it is up to us to select topics of most interest to us either from the list provided or other.  Send suggestions to Diane. 

* MIDAS - Here is an overview of the decisions made regarding next steps:

  1. Everyone will seek out walkthroughs and software demos for their assigned products. Please email urls to those resources to me and Larry by Friday, Oct 5.
  2. If you have contacts at other schools you'd like to get in touch with, or have gotten in touch with about what they are using for software deployment, let us know as well.
  3. General queries to listservs: Diane will ask Chris B. about asking IAICU about what is being used at their institutions. Are there other lists that would be appropriate?

Next Tuesday we will briefly decide how we'd like to proceed with viewing walkthroughs (group or individually?), and perhaps talk about hands-on demo plans.

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