User Services Weekly - 9/18/07

Present: Andrew, Matt, Colin, Jim, Ryan, Bob E, Bob P, Larry, Todd, Laurel, Diane

* No meeting next Tuesday.

Progress Review
* Ofice 2007 - Notes from the strategic have been posted. Additional information since the meeting: "Save As PDF" plug-in recommended for all Office 2007 installs, OPAC computers have 2003 viewers that can open 2007 files that are gmail attachments, customizations may include default save options. Larry, Laurel, Todd, and Diane talked with App Dev this morning and order of upgrades was reviewed; details will be shared. Want to test printing from the OPAC computers - error on printer has been occuring.

Real-Time Agenda
* Academic Department Meetings - Jeff is talking this over with his department and will be in touch with Ryan. Macs work fine with the digital repository.

* Streaming Video - Changing video into the appropriate format takes too long; intense. Bob P will continue to research options. Currently about a 2 day process.

* Scanner Question - We do have a few scanners available for those who need them; they are in Main 32. Andrew will follow-up on the request that was made. This folds into the campus-wide printing project and related policies.

* Personal Printers - We need to review where this was left last spring and find out when we can begin implementing this. Then we'll decide how to market the changes. Diane will check current status of the policy and report back.

* Software Deployment Management and Services - This is a lucky charms item that has funding for this year. Larry and Ryan volunteered to lead this project. Others who expressed interest in partipating include Matt, Colin, and Bob E. Larry, Ryan, and Diane will meet to begin discussions on moving this project forward.  Bucknell and NICC have had good success in this area.

* LIS Council Update - Marcia is talking with Parents Council this weekend to share information on my.luther. Chris B will be talking with CHIPS advisor and editors to discuss how to improve security on the server. Dan Temple (Chris B's former boss) will be on campus Friday, October 5th. Send suggestions for Tuesday announcements to Cindy H.; she'll make sure that at least one item from LIS is posted each week; we can continue to submit items on our own as well. Social Committee consists of Andrew, Scott, Cindy H, Andi, Kathy, Martha, and Jean D/ Chris as needed.

* Laptop Pools - Bob P will chat with Eddy to learn whether there is a possibility of checking out Help Desk equipment from the Circulation Desk through the Library system.