User Services Weekly - 9/11/07

Present: Andrew, Matt, Colin, Jim, Ryan, Bob E, Bob P, Larry, Todd, Diane

Real-Time Agenda
* LIS Social Committee - Looking for a volunteer from User Services. Others on the committee
include 1 from AppDev/NetSys, Cindy H, 2 Librarians, and 1 from Technical Services. Jean D and Chris B will participate as appropriate.

* Workstation Question - Last year Eric Karius borrowed a laptop from the Help Desk for the basketball season. He would like to borrow one again this year. Normally, Help Desk laptops are not checked out for such a long duration. Diane will research conversations from last year and talk with Joe T about this request to determine whether a better solution can be found.

* Department Meeting - Ryan will contact the Art and Th/D deparments to schedule a conversation with them. The goal is to have a similar meeting with each academic department. Topics for discussion include lab hardware/software, Katie training, Office 2007/Vista Plans, Printing, and Projects/Questions. We'll keep the meeting free-form and see what develops, trying to touch on each topic at least briefly. Ryan will find a time that he, Bob E, Bob P, and Diane are available; others are welcome to attend.

* Laptop Security - Would like to develop information for those who receive a laptop with basic information on keeping their information safe while off-campus. Consider charging the department for lost/stolen equipment in a fashion similar to the master key policy. Can add more to this as additional policies are implemented.

* LIS Council - Council members will be reading "The Five Dysfunctions of a Team", ActiveCampus is behind schedule and Marcia will be sending out an update in the near future, Hershey Systems document imaging demo today, Mott in use 11:00-1:30 daily for those wanting quieter location while dining which means it's not available for Brown Bag sessions, matching grant in progress that will provide furniture for the library.

* Track-It - A named used was created for Bob E's assistant's so they can work directly within the system to enter and update work orders. If others know of a need for additional licenses, let it be known. Believe there is a palm client, but that it's a plug-in that costs extra and may not permit editting of work orders. Keep in mind through Internet Explorer is also an option.

* Ergonomics - Recommendation that anyone asking for non-standard equipment go through the department, using a co-pay, so that LIS is not in the position to determine whether it is a need or a want. True for keyboards, mice, monitors, etc. Will want to have a few ergonomic keyboards on hand.

* User Services Strategic - Tomorrow's topic in the Olin RTR is Office 2007. Document drafted by Larry and Diane which will be a starting point for the conversation was distributed.

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