As part of our web redesign process, we have an all-LIS blog up and running (at A few blog FAQ:


* Why a blog?: To provide a central place to consolidate and share information about LIS services, resources, and events both inside and outside of LIS.


* What goes there?: Anything that is currently shared at 8:45s, meeting notes/minutes, event/training announcements, recommended resources, new acquisitions.


* Who posts there?: Anybody tagged as an LISer in our Drupal web content management system. If you’re set to go, you’ll see a link to “Add Blog Entry” in the blog menu on the right side of the page.


* How does this fit with Basecamp?: Basecamp is designed as a project management system, not necessarily a system to easily disseminate information to constituents. Blog entries at can be repurposed/published on the lis site as appropriate, and delivered directly to our users where appropriate. It gives us much more flexibility.


* Is content there all publicly viewable?: Maybe. Individual posts default to being available to all visitors. However, posts can be tagged to display only for authenticated Luther users, or for LIS staff. This gives us great flexibility in what content to make available. I believe we should use the limited options sparingly however in an effort to communicate with our users as much and as clearly as possible.


* Why would I use this?: This blog is part of forming a central, asynchronous, tool to foster internal and external communications … and really is designed to be a simplified way of communicating a variety of messages. I can envision this over time working to replace some other means of communication currently in use. So, if you want to keep up with what is and will be happening in LIS, this will be the place to watch.


I’m happy to talk about this with folks if you have more questions.