User Services Weekly - 9/4/07

Present: Andrew, Matt, Colin, Jim, Ryan, Bob E, Bob P, Larry, Todd, Diane

Real-Time Agenda
* Sibelius - Sibelius server was turned off August 31st and faculty were notified prior to that date. Five copies of Sibelius were purchased and will be given to Brooke Joyce when they arrive to distributed as the Music dept wants. Music department has been informed by the Dean's Office that academic departments are not to pay for technology; this is not the current policy within LIS and additional conversations will be held on the topic.

* Scheduling through KATIE - There has been an increase in the number of faculty wanting to schedule office hours, tutor times, appointment times, etc through KATIE. Need to research calendaring options and determine the best way to address this issue.

* Conversations - I would like to talk with each team member to find out what is going well, what could be going better, what keeps you up at night, and how I can help. I will begin scheduling these conversations; if I pick a day/time that is bad for you, let me know.

* Academic Department Check-ins - Will pursue the idea of meeting with each academic department to share technology thoughts and work together to come up with a 3-5 year plan for each department. Representatives from User Services and LIS will be invited to attend. Ryan will pull some ideas together regarding timeline, topics, which depts to begin with, and logistics and bring them to the next meeting.

* Streaming - Streaming of the Paideia "Eyes on the Prize" video was successful. During times of peak use, there were some issues. May want to consider Darwin Streaming Server from Apple rather than VLC because it can load balance. Only had to reboot the VLC server once. Small videos (< 100MB) work fine from within KATIE. There are 10-15 cable showings requested for the fall; Bob P will work with one of the instructors to use the stream server for theirs.

* LIS General - Discussed the format of these meetings that begin this fall (tomorrow). Asked for volunteers to share topics for 1-3 minutes; Bob E, Bob P, and Diane will share this month.

* LIS Council - Meetings are Tuesday mornings and updates will be shared at our weekly User Services meetings. Topics from this morning include LIS General format, LIS openings (need to begin discussion on HD opening this month), LIS Annual Report Summaries (were printed and will be distributed - some copies will be kept at the Help Desk, Reference Desk, and Circulation), and the budget.

* User Services Strategic - Our first strategic meeting will be held next week in the Olin RTR on Wednesday afternoon. The topic will be Office 2007. Let Diane know of additional topics you'd like discussed this fall.

* Adobe CS3 - Discussed how to know how many copies of which product to purchase. Will use the current number of licenses on the keyserver for reference.

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