Seeking Google Apps Volunteers

As you’ve heard, we are examining more closely Google Apps for Education in consideration for using them as a vendor for email and calendaring services. Adam and I have been happily using Gmail for more than a month now and we’re interested in adding some additional volunteers to the trial run. So what does this mean? If you’re willing, we would route all your Luther mail directly to the Luther instance of Gmail, as well as migrate your existing mail over to the new system. You would then use the Gmail interface as your main email client, or you could continue to use Thunderbird or another client is a POP client (not IMAP). You would also have a Google calendar set up for you, as well as have access to the Luther instance of Google Docs and Spreadsheets. You would continue to use Barracuda spam filtering. Email aliases can continue to be used, though must be configured to start in Gmail. The system does not currently tie into your NorseKey, but if we move in this direction, would eventually. If you’re interested in giving it a go, please talk with Adam and he’ll schedule a time to make the transition.