Start of School Network Adjustments

A number of small adjustments have been made to the network and network services at the start of school. We’re working to troubleshoot sporadic Internet connectivity issues, and as a result are running on just one of our Internet pipes (this summer we had expanded to two). We’re examining options to add the second back in and to ensure that connectivity is reliable and secure.

Mail should be flowing a little more smoothly with the addition of a new server and the move of faculty off to this new machine. Faculty with last names A-N have already been moved. The remaining faculty will be moved next week during our regular maintenance window.

Our network authentication infrastructure has undergone a significant series of upgrades and updates over the last several months, including a recent upgrade to our SAMBA system thanks to the hard work of Chris Stuckman. These changes now in place will allow us to move forward to establish more secure policies regarding NorseKeys, required password changes, and other important security features.