User Services Weekly - 8/28/07

Present: Andrew, Colin, Jim, Bob P, Ryan, Larry, Laurel, Diane

Today's meeting will be abbreviated because the fall term is starting tomorrow.

Real-Time Agenda
* Last minute KATIE class adds - more this year than in the past. Bob P and Diane will talk more about this outside the meeting.

* Laptops - Decided to purchase Dell D630 laptops as the model for this year. There is strong interest in more deeply reviewing additional vendors in the spring for both PC desktops and laptops. The demo laptops will be returned to the vendors.

* Laptop Carrying Case - The standard carrying case from Dell was reviewed and there were no objections to it. After the meeting, Larry, Laurel, and Diane will review the options and select a carrying case.

* Adobe CS3 - Decided to purchase the minimum number of concurrent PC licenses for now. Laurel and Diane will review the packaging options and identify what is needed to provide the same applications that we currently have on the lab images. The information will be shared with the team before the order is placed. Additional copies for the PC or for the Mac will be purchased as needed so that we can test the software this academic year.

* Dell Webcast - Next Generation OptiPlex DesktopsWebcast: August 30, 11:00CST in Main 12. We are invited to attend a customer webcast to learn about upcoming changes to the OptiPlex desktop line. The latest Dell OptiPlex desktops with Intel vPro processor technology will offer the latest in remote management tools that help simplify upgrades, security, power consumption and even break/fix problems.

* Conferences - Larry will be attending SIGUCCS Oct 7-10 (; Todd has also expressed interest in it; Andrew not sure yet for this year; Ryan/Bob P interested in knowing more about it. Ryan and Bob P interested in EDUCAUSE Oct 23-26 ( Diane will be attending Innovations in Learning Sep 24-26 ( Those interested in conferences/seminars, let Diane know.

* A/V Purchases - The replacement projectors that had been decided upon seem to be discontinued. Laurel will continue looking for them, but an alternate model may be needed.